Effective Date: 01/01/2013
Title: SubPart 69-4 - Early Intervention Program

Early Intervention Program
(Statutory Authority: Public Health Law Title II-A of Article 25)


69-4.1 Definitions
69-4.2 Early intervention official's or public health officer's role in
the child find system

69-4.3 Referrals
69-4.4 Qualifications of service coordinators
69-4.5 Approval of service coordinators, evaluators and service providers
69-4.6 Standards for initial and ongoing service coordinators
69-4.7 Initial service coordinators
69-4.8 Evaluators/screening, evaluation and assessment responsibilities
69-4.9 Standards for the provision of services
69-4.10 Service model options
69-4.11 Individualized Family Service Plan
69-4.12 Monitoring of approved service providers (including evaluators,
service providers and service coordinators)

69-4.13 Local early intervention coordinating councils
69-4.14 Reporting
69-4.15 Children in care
69-4.16 Parents, persons in parental relations and surrogate parents
69-4.17 Procedural safeguards
69-4.18 Respite services
69-4.19 Transportation
69-4.20 Transition planning
69-4.21 Reimbursement of municipal administrative costs
69-4.22 Third-party payments
69-4.23 Initial and continuing eligibility criteria
69-4.24 Proceedings involving the approval of an individual or agency
69-4.25 Standards for agency providers approved to use applied behavior analysis (ABA) aides in the delivery of ABA
69-4.26 Content and retention of child records
69-4.27 Reserved
69-4.28 Reserved
69-4.29 Reserved
69-4.30 Computation of rates for early intervention services provided
to infants and children ages birth to three years old and their families
or caregivers

Volume: A-1a
Statutory Authority: Public Health Law Title II-A of Article 25