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Part 1 - General Provisions
Section 1.1 - Definitions
Section 1.10 - Local health officer to file monthly report
Section 1.11 - Right of entrance and inspection
Section 1.20 - Interference with placards prohibited
Section 1.21 - Noncompliance or nonconformance penalties
Section 1.30 - Disclosure of confidential information concerning cancer, tuberculosis and venereal diseases to the medical examiner of an induction center of the armed forces authorized
Section 1.31 - Disclosure of confidential cancer information
Part 2 - Communicable Diseases
Section 2.1 - Communicable diseases designated: cases, suspected cases and certain carriers to be reported to the State Department of Health
Section 2.2 - Definitions
Section 2.5 - Physician to submit specimens for laboratory examination in cases or suspected cases of certain communicable diseases
Section 2.6 - Health officer to investigate cases of communicable disease, to ascertain sources of infection, to seek out contacts and to take other steps to reduce morbidity and mortality
Section 2.7 - Reported cases and suspected cases of tuberculosis to be investigated, instruction by physician
Section 2.10 - Reporting cases or suspected cases or outbreaks of communicable disease by physicians
Section 2.11 - Reporting cases of communicable disease diagnosed after death
Section 2.12 - Reporting by others than physicians of cases of diseases presumably communicable
Section 2.14 - Reporting of suspected rabid animals and persons exposed to them
Section 2.15 - Reporting of food poisoning
Section 2.16 - Notification and investigation of outbreaks
Section 2.17 - Reports of tuberculosis cases confidential
Section 2.18 - Tuberculosis records
Section 2.25 - Contacts, date of last exposure, isolation and quarantine defined
Section 2.27 - Physician to isolate person with highly communicable disease and give instructions regarding prevention of spread of the disease
Section 2.28 - Persons suffering from certain communicable diseases to be isolated
Section 2.29 - Other highly communicable diseases
Section 2.30 - Diptheria
Section 2.32 - Reports of gonorrhea and syphilis cases confidential
Section 2.33 - Removal of cases of communicable diseases from one health district to another restricted
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