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Physician Name:Robert W Cohen, MD
Address:4900 Broad Road
Suite 4U
Syracuse, NY 13215
License Number:197847
License Type:MD
Year of Birth:1965
Effective Date:06/04/2013
Action:License suspension for thirty days after which the physician's license will be limited precluding the practice of medicine except and only as permitted within a post-graduate medical residency program. The residency program can not involve the medical specialties of general surgery or vascular surgery. Following the completion of the medical residency program and prior to commencing the practice of medicine, the physician will be placed on probation for thirty-six months.
Misconduct Description:The physician did not contest the charges of negligence on more than one occasion and violating New York State Education Law 2805-K.
License Restrictions: During probation the physician may only practice when his practice is being monitored by a licensed physician; board certified in an appropriate specialty.
Board Order:BRD 197847.pdf BRD 197847.pdf

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